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DeChirico_The Profit_1915

The Profit by Giorgio de Chirico. 1915
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

I’ve been procrastinating for years… Even though I help Fortune 100 companies develop the content strategy and user experience design for major branded and nonbranded websites, it’s been years since I had my own site up.  I am in fact the proverbial cobbler whose children go without shoes.

And then there’s the question of noise.  With all the UX and CS blogs out there – what more can I add to the conversation?  I don’t want to be another person who has a blog to just hear myself speak.  What can I add that enriches the practice, helps the community, or provides insight and focus for those trying to integrate principles of UX and CS into their own digital marketing properties?

But enough thinking – it’s time for ACTION!  Every day I read the words of bright people in the community who share their insights with others, and I would like the opportunity to join in the conversation and perhaps promote their ideas or put my own stake in the ground to challenge conventional thinking.  I’m in Seattle about to attend Convey UX where some of the brightest minds in UX and CS will be speaking about what’s next in UX.  Time to get this thing up and running so that tomorrow I can share highlights of the conference with others.

Then there’s the new book coming out, The Language of Content Strategy.  I was honored by Scott Abel and Rahel Baillie to be invited to participate as a writer of this book, which is a compendium of terms and topics related to content strategy.  The book brings together the knowledge and expertise of 52 content strategists who have each taken on a specific term related to content strategy.  My term – search engine optimization! (More to come on all of this!)

I don’t promise this blog will be limited to the practice of content strategy and user experience design, because I take my inspiration from many things.  Art, theater, music, literature, travel, cooking….So if you follow me, don’t be surprised if I take detours along the way. For me the principles of user experience (a theme to delve into in more detail in a future blog) can be found in many other avenues of life and day-to-day experiences.

So come along for the ride. Future posts will examine and uncover old truths, new visions, and explore ways that we in the practice of user experience design can keep the mission of usability, humanity, and improved technology as core principles in the work we do to facilitate the power of the web in digital marketing and communications.

3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. David Lembeck

    Congratulations on your blog, can’t wait to read more. You inspire me to get back to working on my project!
    — Dave Lembeck


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